Spice up your regular nail polish

with personalized designs

printed directly onto your nails

It’s more than a manicure, it’s a nail design revolution

If you can dream it, you can wear it

Discover the future of nail art with the Viroq nail printer

Infinite creativity at the touch of a button

Turn up the volume!

Print any design you can imagine or choose from our exclusive collection

You’ll be amazed at how quick and easy it is to create long-lasting nail designs that showcase your personal inspiration

The VIROQ beauty tips image 1

Before choosing your nail design the only thing you need to remember is…

the darker your nail polish, the darker your design needs to be.

image 2

If you wear white polish,
you can print any design.
So get creative!

image 2

If you’re already wearing colored polish,
you can only print designs
that are darker than your polish.

Limitless fantasies at your fingertips